Solo Travelling – Would or Have you ever travelled solo?


Recently I have been on twitter posting polls like crazy and it has been my favourite way of communicating with my followers and really getting to know everyone. I like to know everyone’s views and opinions as well as past experiences. Most of my followers are like minded travellers like myself and as much as we have similar interests its nice to be able to see how people from all over the world think and to see each others journeys.Read More »

After 6 months off.. I’M BACK for 2019!

Ok so I know I haven’t posted for a while, actually its been much longer than a while, its been about 6 months!! However the past 6 months I have had a lot happening and sadly my personal life has slightly taken over and the blog has suffered but.. NOT ANYMORE! I know we are already into March but 2019 has some exciting times ahead and I cannot wait to get back into this and better than ever.

Without going into too much detail the past 6 months I have moved out of my flat, I have been made redundant and have started up a business. Along side this there has been some health issues, multiple holidays, Christmas, new year and a birthday so it has been a pretty manic few months to say the least and at times very stressful!

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