Cruise stop in Tobago

Our first stop on my recent Caribbean cruise was Tobago Scarborough and we didn’t actually have anything booked for when we arrived at the port. One thing I was worrying about as I have never been on a cruise before and wasn’t sure how things worked was booking excursions or how easy it is to explore the islands yourself/book private excursions, however visiting Tobago completely helped relax me with this.

We arrived in Scarborough around 8am and departed from the ship with not much of a plan on what we would do or what we would see. After speaking with my twitter followers and doing some research online a lot of people agreed there wasn’t too much to see on the island and the cost of the excursions weren’t justified so we thought we would go with the flow and could just get a taxi to a local attraction or to the beach (ideally Pigeon Point beach as it looks gorgeous!!).Read More »