Last week I had a guy in my office telling me about a brilliant idea him and his girlfriend had which is.. A-Z Date nights! I hadn’t heard of this before but the title explains exactly what it is, date nights beginning with each letter of the alphabet.

Obviously me being the copy cat in this instance I had to jump on the band waggon and steal his idea, Sadly without the dating part as I’m quite clearly single. Instead I have decided I will make it an A-Z days out/activity mission that i will do with friends or family.Read More »

2018 Mini Bucket list & Goals!


I am forever booking days out, holidays and excursions but a lot of the time I book things when i see them on offer or find good deals and not necessarily things that are on my bucket list.
Like most, my bucket list is never ending and i don’t feel like i am getting through it and not ticking that much off so i thought it would be a good idea to put together a few realistic ideas that i have to complete before the end of the year!Read More »

2018 Destination wish list


I am not too fussy when it comes to travelling in the sense of where I visit as I would love to one day visit every country if possible. I usually tend to go to places which are cheap or I find a good offer on so I can travel more frequently and see more places.

I am forever searching for new adventures and I’m constantly stalking peoples instagrams/twitters/blogs to see their latest trips and where they have been to give me more inspiration for future trips.

I have a few places that I would love to visit and I am making it my mission for 2018 to visit at least a couple of these. This year I have set myself a goal to travel at least once each month, which could be a cheap European weekend break or a luxury long haul – it all depends on time and money!Read More »

My Bucketlist Goals

– Kayak through caves
– Watch the sunset in Oia, Santorini ✓
– Go to Coachella
– Visit Niagara Falls
– See the Pyramids in Egypt
– Swim with Dolphins
– Go Skiing
– Visit Paris and see the Eifel tower
– Skydive
– Visit ‘The Beach’, Maya Bay, Thailand ✓
– Go Zorbing
– Bathe an Elephant
– Go on a Safari ✓

Read More »