Easiest way to travel to Macau from Hong Kong

I recently visited Hong Kong and Macau for the first time which you can read about in my previous posts.

Macau is a autonomous region just off the south coast of China, across the river from Hong Kong. Like Hong Kong, Macau has its own legal system, passports and money that are completely separate from China. A visa is not required to visit Macau however like most countries you will need at least 6 months validity on your passport

Macau has earned its nickname ‘Las Vegas of Asia’ or ‘Mini Vegas’ due to its giant casinos and malls along the Cotai strip and is a famous for its duty free shopping and gambling industry.

Macau is only an hour ferry ride from Hong Kong and is where most people travel from. There are 2 main ferry points in Hong Kong, one being at Shun Tak centre in Sheung Wan on Hong Kong Island and the second being China ferry terminal in Tsim Sha Tsui in Kowloon.

(Ferry times and prices from Sheung Wan – Macau with TurboJETS)zz

The ferries departing from Sheung Wan on Hong Kong Island are more frequent running every 15 minutes from 7am until midnight where as travelling from China ferry terminal in Kowloon only run every 90 minutes.

There are also 2 harbours that you can get the ferry to in Macau so make sure to check which is nearest to your hotel, Macau (outer) is the more popular and frequent terminal. If you are staying at one of the big hotels then there will be coaches outside each of the terminals offering a free shuttle to your hotel.

(Ferry times and prices from China ferry terminal in Kowloon – Macau with turboJETS)sfs

It is possible to book your ferry when arriving at the terminal however they can fill up quite quickly. If you are departing from China Ferry Terminal I would suggest to book your ticket before arriving especially as the next ferry may not be for another hour or 2. The ferry tickets vary but are between £16-£25 ($160 – $250hkd).

If like us you are ending your trip in Macau before heading home, you can also get the ferry direct to the airport however don’t make the same mistake we did and assume the ferries run every 15 minutes like they did coming out. There is only 4 departures a day from Macau – Shenzhen International Airport. We made the error of leaving too late and missing the ferry back to the airport so instead had to get a ferry to Hong Kong Island and then jump in a taxi for 45 minutes to the airport which worked well in the end but remember to accommodate for the taxi drive and any traffic.

(Ferry times and prices from Macau (outer – Shenzhen International Airport to turboJETS)adaa

When i first looked at booking to visit Macau from Hong Kong, it seemed slightly confusing as there seemed to be a lot of different terminals and times but after visiting and breaking it down the easiest and most frequent way to get there is from Sheung Wan on Hong Kong Island to Macau (outer) with departures running every 15 minutes and the ferry ride only taking 55 minutes. All of the times and departures I have added are with TurboJET.


Recently the world’s longest sea crossing has opened, the 55km bridge from Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau which will now make travelling to Macau even easier. One Bus is a intercity cross-boundary coach service departing from down town Hong Kong with a 20 minute stop at customs before re boarding and taking you direct to Macau, it looks like there is 4 stops when arriving at Macau so check which stop would be most convenient for your stay. The travel time including custom stop is around 1 hour 45 minutes – 2 hours and costs between £16-£18 ($160-$180hkd). I haven’t used this route myself but it is a second option.


It is also possible to get public buses but you would need to get multiple before and after the border and would take alot longer. The same goes for getting a taxi – you could get a taxi to the border, cross and then get another taxi but would work out expensive. I believe the Ferry is the easiest and most convenient way to travel from Hong Kong – Macau or if you are staying down town the coach also looks like a good possibility. If you are considering booking to visit Macau I would definitely suggest it, the journey is really easy and quick once you get your head around it and when you are there it is so worth it!

Have you ever visited Macau before? How did you travel there? Or are you considering visiting? Let me know in the comments below 🙂

Lucy x

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