Travelling to Negombo on a budget? Hotel J is the perfect hotel! REVIEW!

So firstly I can’t take credit for finding this cute little hotel but I’m definitely glad I stayed here.

I’m about to join a G Adventures tour and this was the starting location. As I arrived in Sri Lanka a day and half before my tour takes off I thought it would be easier to get a room here for the extra nights rather than keep moving hotels. When I booked online I was a little skeptical, I have done similar tours before and the hotels are usually very basic and quite dirty but this was definitely a pleasant surprise. The best part – I booked a double room for just £28 a night!!

While the room was pretty basic as expected, the room throughout was bright and clean, two things I look for when staying at a hotel. As you walk in there was a big wardrobe area, going through into the main room was a large double bed which was fairly comfortable (could do with an extra pillow or 2 but maybe that’s because at home I have about 10 on my bed!), Lastly a desk area with a mirror which is perfect in the mornings. The bathroom was again bright and clean and had a huge walk in shower which I used the minute I arrived.

The best part about my room was the gorgeous view from my bed..

And of course the more gorgeous view from my balcony!!


Downstairs there is a restaurant, pool and lounge area on the beach front! I have only been here for half a day so will do more exploring tomorrow but lets just appreciate this gorgeous view I had by the pool this evening while having dinner!

To book this little gem of a hotel through and save £15, click here.

Bon Voyage,
Lucy x

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