Solo Travelling – Would or Have you ever travelled solo?

Recently I have been on twitter posting polls like crazy and it has been my favourite way of communicating with my followers and really getting to know everyone. I like to know everyone’s views and opinions as well as past experiences. Most of my followers are like minded travellers like myself and as much as we have similar interests its nice to be able to see how people from all over the world think and to see each others journeys.

This poll was asking:
‘Have you ever been on a solo trip before? If so where and for how long?’.

I have been really shocked by the response and to be honest by the results. I never expected SOO many people to have travelled solo let alone want to continue doing so. A lot of people I speak to about my previous solo trips I have done are horrified and worried, they tell me how brave I am and how they would never do it themselves so I wanted to know if this was the case for anyone else? By the results it doesn’t look like it!

I wanted to share the results with you all and hope to encourage others to do the same! If you have ever wanted to travel solo before but have been that little bit worried just follow this twitter thread and some of the amazing places people have visited ON THEIR OWN and see just how much fun they have had!


Here are a few of the responses I received and it soon became very clear that alot of people have travelled solo before and are continuing to do so. Some of the responses were showing people who had travelled just once or twice for a weekend or a week, others had been travelling for months or even years. Men and women from all over the world having this common connection telling their stories of where they have visited and how their experiences have been.

My personal experience:
I have only travelled a handful of times solo, I have done a few Europe long weekend breaks which I would recommend if you want to try solo travelling for the first time. One thing I like about travelling on my own is not having to worry about anyone else or what they want to do/see. You can plan your itinerary around yourself, you can go where you want to go and see what you want to see. A thing I get asked quite often is “where do you eat when you travel solo? Do you really go to a restaurant on your own?” the answer is yes! And their is something quite exciting yet calming about being in a foreign country on your own trying local food just taking everything around you in, plus I get to choose where I eat without someone else not liking it (food lover over here lol).
I also did a trip to Sri Lanka last year for 3 weeks, part of the the time I joined an STA Travel tour but a few days before and after I was on my own – I’m not sure if this counts as solo travelling? As I did join other people but at the same I did leave home on my own to go.. Maybe that will be next weeks poll to see what we all determine as ‘Solo travel’.

Let me know in the comments below if you have ever travelled solo before and your experience, or if you plan to. If you are debating about taking your first solo trip, DO IT! I can guarantee you wont regret it.

Lucy x


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