10 Things to do in Prague

Prague, the capital city of Czech Republic is a perfect weekend break for everyone! It is famously known for its historic old town square, its beautiful architecture and of course the cheap beer! I recently visited for my friends hen party and here are my top 10 suggestions of things to do in no particular order:

1. Visit the Dancing house and go to the rooftop bar

With its unique design you cant help but be intrigued by the building, sadly the building is just used as offices and isn’t anything too exciting except for the rooftop glass bar and viewing area which I would recommend to check out.


2. Visit the John lennon wall

I didn’t quite understand why this was in Prague if I’m honest, did John Lennon live here? It turns out no and after speaking to a local I learned more about this history behind the wall. During Communism, people would risk their lives expressing their desire for freedom. Lennon’s lyrics were so strong and inspiring that people started expressing themselves by painting on this wall each night even though the act of ‘graffiti’ could have lead to imprisonment. Each day the police would paint the wall white again but the artists continued risking themselves every day.


3. Visit the John Lennon pub

Right next to the John Lennon wall is the John Lennon pub, a cute little pub with plenty of Beatles nostalgia in.


4. Walk over Charles Bridge

A historic bridge that crosses the Vltava river in Prague, Charles bridge has a lot going on and has a busy atmosphere, you will see jewellery sellers, caricature artists, street entertainers and plenty more. I would recommend to see the bridge at night when it is all lit up as well as during the day.


5. Go to Terasa U Prince Rooftop bar for a cocktail 

Listed as one of the top 15 rooftop views in the world and one of the cutest bars I have been to in a long time it is a definite recommendation from me. Located in the old town square of Prague the bar is open all year round. We visited in the middle of November and managed to sit outside on the terrace for a couple of hours, there are heaters everywhere and blankets on each seat so you enjoy your cocktails, take in the views all without getting too cold. I can imagine in the summer it is even more gorgeous. The cocktails were £5-£6 each which for Prague is quite expensive however it is completely worth it and still a lot cheaper then I am used to at home in London.



6. Visit the National museum

Located in Wenceslas Square, the national museum is Listed as part of Prague’s national heritage since 1962 and is one of the most important buildings. If you are looking to find out more about Czech history then you will find that here as the museum keeps a permanent collection of natural scientific and historical collections related to the Czech Republic.



7. Visit Prague Castle

The castle is a 10 minute walk uphill but when reaching the top is worth it. The castle has so much history and is a beautiful building with gorgeous views over Prague. The changing of the guards at noon is worth hanging around for and make sure to enter the gardens.


8. Try a Chimney cake

You may have seen loads of posts online and over Instagram about Chimney cakes. I personally had never tried one before I visited Prague but would recommend visiting good food to try one of these treats. If you haven’t had one before it is basically a pastry cone that reminds me a bit like a churro, it is then filled with your choice of ice cream, chocolate and toppings and is scrumptious.


9. Book a Limo ride 

When I visited Prague it was for a hen do so we did push the boat out a little more than usual and booked a Limo ride from the airport to the hotel. I was surprised at how cheap the limo was with Prague-airport-transfers as it only worked out to be £70 for up to 8 people which isn’t even a tenner each! You wouldn’t even get a taxi for that price in London. The Limo took us for a drive around the city and then dropped us to the hotel and for £9 per person I would probably do something like this again – its an exciting start to a holiday.


10. Go clubbing in Karlovy Lazne nightclub

Karlovy Lazne is a huge 15th century building that has been converted into a nightclub across 5 floors. The club has all genres of music suitable for everyone and is reasonably priced for drinks. You can also book a private glass box booth area for around £10 per person including a bottle of champagne and is a great place to touch base with friends and leave bags/jackets.


Have you ever been to Prague before? What were your thoughts and favourite things to do? Let me know in the comments below.

Lucy x




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