How to spend a days cruise stop in Tobago

I was recently on a Caribbean cruse with Costa cruises which you can read all about here. Our first stop on the Caribbean cruise was Tobago Scarborough and we didn’t actually have anything booked for when we arrived at the port. One thing I was worrying about as I have never been on a cruise before and wasn’t sure how things worked was booking excursions or how easy it is to explore the islands yourself/book private excursions, however visiting Tobago completely helped relax me with this.

We arrived in Scarborough around 8am and departed from the ship with not much of a plan on what we would do or what we would see. After speaking with my twitter followers and doing some research online a lot of people agreed there wasn’t too much to see on the island and the cost of the excursions weren’t justified so we thought we would go with the flow and could just get a taxi to a local attraction or to the beach (ideally Pigeon Point beach as it looks gorgeous!!).

When leaving the port there was about 40 people trying to sell us excursions or get us a taxi which is when I soon realised we wasn’t going to have a problem. We came across Jarren who said he would take us on a mini tour of the island showing us the most popular highlights and then take us to either the beach or back to the port, it sounded perfect as it was a private tour and was only $50 for all 3 of us, around $17 each!

We started off driving around Scarborough, the capital of Tobago and seeing the local town before heading to Fort King George which was built in the early 1770s as a suitable defence on the top of Scarborough hill providing the fort with a view across Scarborough. In April 1793 a British force under the command of Major – General Cornelius Cuyler retook Tobago and refereed to the fort as Fort King George – named after the British king George the III giving it it’s name today.


Next Jarren took us to the mystery tombstone for a quick stop and then on to Fort James where we spent a bit of time. This wasn’t as big or as nice in my opinion as fort King George and was more of a viewing point overlooking Great Courland Bay. There is a few canons remaining on a well manicured headland and surrounded by benches would make a perfect stop to relax and take in the views.

Last of the Tobago forts, Jarren took us to Fort Bennett which is located in black rock and is overlooking Grafton Beach. I think this was my favourite out of the 3 and I could easily imagine spending half a day here, having a picnic and relaxing around the fort/on the beach below. The fort was originally built in between 1628 and 1636 by the Dutch but later in the 1680’s was refortified by the Courlanders and then again by the British in the 1800’s.
The views here were gorgeous and the small secluded beach below was even more gorgeous.IMG_20190204_135447_927.jpg

After the forts we stopped at a cash machine and annoyingly my bank card got swallowed! There was a very suspicious angry man lingering around and immediately wanted to use the cash machine after me even though there was another cash machine available which seemed slightly concerning, we hung around for 15 minutes and didn’t leave until I had called my bank and got the card cancelled. After this incident I was slightly frustrated and fed up so we decided to skip the beach (disappointingly) and head straight back to the ship. I guess there is a first time for everything, lucky I was travelling with my mum and sister who had their bank cards but just be cautious when using the cash machines and try to use one that is inside a bank.

I’m not sure I would revisit Tobago however I do I wish visited the gorgeous beaches and would definitely recommend to pop by if you are ever visiting.

Let me know in the comments below if you have ever visited Tobago before and what your thoughts were? Or if you are thinking of visiting at any point?

Lucy x


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