Costa Cruise balcony room review!

Have you been on a cruise before? Or have you ever wanted to book a cruise and have no idea which room to pick? I was exactly the same and wish the websites had more details when deciding. After a lot of back and forth we decided on a Caribbean cruise with Costa Cruises on the Magica ship and went for a balcony room which was perfect!


I was travelling with my mum and my sister so we needed something spacious enough for all 3 of us. We was worried we might feel a little bit claustrophobic with an inside cabin, no windows and all being on top of each other. Some of the rooms looked like they had pull down style bunk beds and none of us fancied sleeping on a pull down top bunk so that room wasn’t an option.
The next room category up was an outside room which was the same as the inside cabins but had a window, we was tempted to book this room but having the window but not being able to open it and have any air still felt slightly claustrophobic for my mum so the decision was made that we was booking a balcony room. I would have liked a suite but sadly the budget didn’t go that far!

None of us had any idea on what to expect as we had never been on a cruise before but as soon as we got on board we was blown away and couldn’t believe we hadn’t done a cruise sooner.


Our room was bigger than I expected but the bathroom was smaller and more basic than I thought it would be. The room consisted of a double bed plus a sofa bed which left plenty of space throughout the room without the 3 of us getting in each others way and no one had to sleep on a pull down bunk bed which was a winner.

When you arrive you have an information pack on your bed along with your lifejackets (which are hugeeee and need to be stored in the wardrobe) plus you have your towels for the pool/sun lounges left (blue towels). The information pack included the information of where we would have dinner each night along with the optional excursions we can book, themes for the evenings, room service menu, plus we had an invite from the captain to attend an event that evening.

We had 3 good sized wardrobes as you entered the room on the left hand side and it was plenty of space for all our clothes, space to store our suitcases and keep the life jackets. In the bathroom there was plenty of towels but I was a little disappointed that there was no shampoo/conditioner bottles instead there was a dispenser on the wall with an all in one soap/shampoo which we all know isn’t great for our hair!

Included in our room and package we was able to order breakfast to the room rather than going down to the buffet. The options included were very basic and mainly consisted of pastries, bread, tea, coffee and juices. If you wanted a hot breakfast this was an additional cost. There was also a fully stocked mini bar in the room which wasn’t included and if I’m honest again I was a little disappointed at, simply for the reason we had a upgraded package where all our food and drink was included I was expecting that to also be included.


One of my favourite things about our room was having the balcony and sitting out there in the evenings before dinner waiting for the sun to set, if you know me you will know much I love a sunset and boy did we get some good ones!

Our overall experience was amazing and if i was to book a cruise again (which I am already planning) I wouldn’t book anything less than a balcony unless it was a short 2/3 day cruise possibly. The way I see it is you are travelling everyday by sea so it seems silly not to be able to see it right? and you never know if you might spot dolphins 😉 maybe that was just my wishful thinking!

Everyone has different budgets and expectations so book what is affordable and seems right for you, these are just my thoughts and my experience 🙂

Have you been on a cruise before? What cabins have you stayed in and what were your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below.

Lucy x












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  1. I’ve not yet been on a cruise but I think I’d have to take this route too and get a balcony with any room I stayed in. Glad you enjoyed your first experience cruising 🙂


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