After 6 months off.. I’M BACK!

Ok so I know I haven’t posted for a while, actually its been much longer than a while, its been about 6 months!! However the past 6 months I have had a lot happening and sadly my personal life has slightly taken over and the blog has suffered but.. NOT ANYMORE! I know we are already into May but 2019 has some exciting times ahead and I cannot wait to get back into this and better than ever.

Without going into too much detail the past 6 months I have moved out of my flat, I have been made redundant and have started up a business. Along side this there has been some health issues, multiple holidays, Christmas, new year and a birthday so it has been a pretty manic few months to say the least and at times very stressful!

I have quite a few posts ready that I have been working on and I have quite a few trips planned for the next few months including Hong Kong, Ireland and Santorini so there is loads of content due to follow. Please bare with me and I hope you can understand why I have been so inactive the past few months.

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Lucy x

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