Disney Merch Wish List

I have just booked Disneyland Paris for October and I CANNNOTTT WAIT!!
I have been to Disney in LA before but it was years ago and I can’t really remember too much so this time I am going all out and want to look the part.

Here is my wish list of clothes/accessories to take with me to make my pictures even more insta-grammable and fit in to the disney world πŸ™‚






I am obsessed with this jumper! Winnie the Pooh has always been one of my favourites.
This is $42.95 from the shopdisney website.






I also love this Micky jumper, it’s red which is classic for Micky and hasn’t got too much going on.
This is $26.95 again from the shopdisney website.







While were on Mickey, I really like this t-shirt. I like the simplicity of it and the black bands round the end of the sleeves and neck.
This one costs $22.95 and again is from the shopdisney website.







We are going in October so it may be quite chilly so while looking for sweaters, i found this which i adore. Again its simple which is very me and also I live in black so win win!
This is from Primark for Β£10.









While wondering around the park a back-pack is definitely needed and what cuter than this micky ears inspired bag.
Whats even better is its from Primark for only Β£12!








I also found this backpack and now can’t decide which i prefer!
This is also from Primark and is Β£10










I also came across this adorable Alice in Wonderland purse which is a must have!
Again from Primark and only Β£5










Ok last bag.. I loveeee this crossbody Minnie inspired bag.
From Primark again for Β£8.










Well seems I’m going to Disney, I have to have new Disney PJ’s for my stay!
These cute Bambi ones are from primark for Β£10.









I know I said no more bags but this Ariel bag is too gorgeous not to include!!
$56.95 from shopdisney.






Seems I’m going all out, a Disney themed phone case is added to the list!
This adorable one of the castle is from Fun cases for Β£6.99








OBSESSED with these Cinderella inspired ears!
From https://www.etsy.com/shop/IvyMayButNotToday




I know I said no more bags but this is too cute not to add to my list! Gorgeous tinkerbell cross body bag by Danielle Nicole.
Half price at the moment on QVC!











Ok so I am really going all out with the disney theme but these are super cute! Even better they are less than half price at the moment in H&M for just 17 quid!




hmgoepprod (1)








Bambi is one of my favourites and this oversized t shirt is a must have for only Β£12.99 from H&M!





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