Last week I had a guy in my office telling me about a brilliant idea him and his girlfriend had which is.. A-Z Date nights! I hadn’t heard of this before but the title explains exactly what it is, date nights beginning with each letter of the alphabet.

Obviously me being the copy cat in this instance I had to jump on the band waggon and steal his idea, Sadly without the dating part as I’m quite clearly single. Instead I have decided I will make it an A-Z days out/activity mission that i will do with friends or family.

It is trickier than I thought to try and plan things or come up with new ideas of things I haven’t done before so I thought some of you guys would be able to give me some inspiration and some of your great ideas (please leave them in the comments below or message me!).

Here are a few ideas I have had below and will blog each letters experience as i go along.

A – Aquarium/Archery
B – Beer bike in London/Brunch
C – Casino/Clay Piegion shooting/Cocktail making/Crystal maze day
D – Dog racing/Diving
E – Escape room
F – Ferrari drive/Flying lesson
G – Go Ape/Go Karting/Glamping
H – Helicopter ride/Horse riding/Hot air balloon
I – Inflatable obstacle course
J – Jet Skis
K – Kayaking/Karaoke
L – Limo ride
M – Murder mystery
N – Natural history museum
O – Opera
P – Paintballing/Paddle boarding
Q – Quadbiking
R – Rowing/Roller skating/Rafting
S – Snorkelling/Skiing/Skydive/Segway/Spa day
T – Tarot card reading/Treasure hunt/Theatre show
U – Underwater activities
V – Vertigo 42 – view from the shard
W – Wine tasting
X –
Y – Yoga lesson
Z – Zorbing
One more thought.. do you think the days out need to be in alphabetical order or does it not matter? I feel a little ocd about this and feel I need to start at A and end at Z but my work are saying otherwise..


Lucy x

One thought on “A-Z DAYS OUT & ACTIVITIES

  1. Wow, that’s a great idea, now I want to do the same 😀

    I think the alphabetical order is quite logical, but also, does it matter if you do it in some order, as you do your list anyway?


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