I am forever booking days out, holidays and excursions but a lot of the time I book things when I see them on offer or find good deals and not necessarily things that are on my bucket list.
Like most, my bucket list is never ending and i don’t feel like i am getting through it and not ticking that much off so i thought it would be a good idea to put together a few realistic ideas that i have to complete before the end of the year!

So here goes with a short list I hope to complete, some big, some small..

  • Fly in a helicopter – this is something I have only recently wanted to do but I REALLY want to do it so I’m thinking of booking a day out flying over London in the summer.
  • Visit Bali – Bali is somewhere I have wanted to visit for a while now and I said 2018 I will make it happen so fingers crossed later on the year i will go.
  • Arrange a girls day at the races
  • Book a cruise for the first time – weather it departs this year or next, book it!
  • Go on a spa day or weekend and relaxxxx
  • Do a banger rally challenge for charity
  • Go to the opera
  • Visit at least 5 new countries in 2018.
  • Join the gym, start loosing weight and get in shape.
  • Start yoga classes – I have been saying for the past 2 years I want to join, NOW IS THE TIME!
  • Keep building my blog and reach 30,000 followers! (over half way there already)
  • De-clutter my wardrobe and donate clothes to charity.
  • Go zorbing
  • See the pyramids in Egypt – this is near the top of my bucket list and I am actually going in 5 DAYS!!

At the beginning of this post I had in my head just to list 10 things but it didn’t seem like much when I wrote them out so i have added a few extras. I cant wait to start booking starting with Egypt and the pyramids next week 🙂

Let me know if you have done any of the above and how they went, also let me know in the comments what your 2018 goals & bucket lists are!


Bon Voyage,
Lucy x