Too Good to be true Tuesdays – Warsaw, Poland


I know I know! I am rubbish at keeping up to date with my posts and especially with my too good to be true Tuesday deals so I have set myself a new goal to post minimum of one deal every month, which to be honest shouldn’t be hard as my new years resolution is to travel at least once in each month of 2018!

If you haven’t read my Too good to be true Tuesday posts before, I basically try and book a Europe break – flight and hotel for under £100 a weekend!

I already have a trip planned for January so last night I started my search for a bargain trip to go on in February and I found.. WARSAW, POLAND!

I have actually been wanting to go to Poland for a while for a couple of reasons:
1) Where I work we have a lot of Polish customers and they are forever telling me their stories of when they visit home and are recommending for me to go.
2) I have also heard stories of the nightlife being pretty cray crayy and very cheap which is defiantly a win win!

As always I start my search on sky scanner and widen my search to ‘everywhere’ and look throughout the whole month. I search from All London airports but you can change that accordingly. When the list comes up I usually look for places I haven’t visited before and look to travel from either Friday – Sunday or a Saturday – Monday, Short time I know but enough to explore for a long weekend.

I found flights to Warsaw and Gdnask for a similar price but decided to go for Warsaw and found the last weekend of February flights were only £30 return. The times departing are early in the morning meaning we have the whole day to explore when we arrive and depart early evening again giving us the whole last day to explore.

When I find cheap flights available over a weekend I then move onto booking a hotel/apartment. I usually use or Air bnb for my accommodation and in this case searched and found a great apartment for pennies. £78 for 4 people for the weekend which is less than £20 each, £20!!

Of course I rallied the girls together and a weekend away to Poland for £50 each including flights and apartment none of them could say no! Soo..



5 thoughts on “Too Good to be true Tuesdays – Warsaw, Poland

  1. Omg what a bargain. I did Warsaw last year and it was amazing and so so cheap. You will love it. Just take a big jacket. It was freezing when I was there. I have a blog post all about Warsaw if you fancy checking it out. Have fun💕✨


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