Elephant Sands, Botswana


If your traveling to Botswana this is MUST visit while your there. Imagine being less than 5 metres away from wild elephants! Imagine having elephants stroll past your tent/cabin all night!

I’m currently on a ATC tour which i booked with on the go tours and this little gem of a place was luckily one of our stops.
When we arrived I chose to upgrade, we are on a camping tour and a little luxury wouldn’t go a miss so when you have rooms with these views – I couldn’t resist.

In the middle of the camp site there is a water hole where elephants and other wildlife come for their water throughout the day and within 10 minutes of being there, the elephants strolled through the cabins to get their water. Me being over exited me ran straight over to the pool/viewing area and was instantly drawn in, 4 hours later and i was still sitting there. The amount of elephants that came and went was unreal!
In the evening there is a camp fire and you can continue to watch while the mummas and baby elephants come along.

We only stayed one night but it was defiantly a highlight for me! Its truly amazing to see and even more amazing how much time you can sit there and just watch these beautiful animals go about their life.



The cabins were HUGE! We had 2 double beds which after camping for 2 weeks was heaven, There was big wardrobe space and a dressing table and mirror for the mornings. The bathroom was large and clean which is always a must for me and I loved the bamboo which made it feel like it could be outside.


In the main part of the site there was a small pool which was nice to relax in while also having a perfect view of the water hole, there was also a bar, restaurant and small souvenir shop on site. At reception you could also book game drives and bush walks for a decent price!



Overall the place has a huge thumbs up from me and for £50-60 a night per cabin it is a real bargain!
If your looking to book: http://www.elephantsands.com/

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