AVANI, Sepang


After spending 3 weeks in Sri Lanka and 5 nights in the hectic city of KL I couldn’t wait to have a couple of nights relaxing by the Malaysian coast and do absoloutely nothing!

When I saw the AVANI Hotel online I knew I HAD to stay here so I booked! We only stayed here for 2 nights and that is defiantly enough time. The hotel is about 30-40 minutes South from the airport and there is barely any thing near by – for me this was perfect as i was looking to relax before my flight home.

We checked in to a superior double room which was on the ground floor on the main trunk. When looking online I believed all rooms were private individual huts which wasnt quite the case.. the apartments were individuals but the double rooms were huts of 4 combined rooms next to/above eachother, which never the less was stunning!


There isn’t too much to say about what i did during my stay here as all we did for the couple of days there was relax on the beach and chill by the pool. We had 2 nights there and had dinner on site both times, night one was at restaurant Bila Bila and the second night had the yummyiest chinese at Hai Sang Lou, their sweet and sour chicken was to die for!! In the evening after dinner we actually got into bed, ordered room service deserts and put a movie on, it felt so good after a month of travelling to just snuggle into bed and watch movies.

My favourite part of the stay was of course the balcony and the sunsets, everyone knows I’m a sunset addict! The balcony won me over everynight from 6 – 7.30pm while we waited paintently for the sky to change every shade of pink, orange and red possible! The photos speak for themselves and show just how gorgeous it was.


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