Nimes, France – Air BNB

Last minute, me and my girl thought we needed a little weekend break away so we got online and had a look at somewhere completely new that we hadn’t been before and to be honest, somewhere cheap!
I went on to sky scanner and widened my search to ‘everywhere’ for the specific weekend we was looking and flights came back at just under £30 each!! £30, I spend more than that on a takeaway for me and my family!
Not really ever hearing of Nimes, we booked!

I then had a look online and recently I have been using Air bnb a lot as I like the privacy of having my own space and not having to share areas with other people. We found a great Air bnb Apartment for £51 a night plus service fees totalling to £118 for the both of us for the weekend. I also recommened air bnb to a lot of my family and friends and had £25 credit off bringing the cost down £92 which is a complete bargain for the both of us!!

If you want to save on your next air bnb book through here:





When we arrived Laura’s mother met us at the apartment and showed us around, they had everything you could possibly need and she was very friendly letting us know what was near by. One reason I like booking an air bnb if your travelling on a budget is the fact you have your own kitchen and can cook yourself saving those euros which in my eyes equals to more wine money lol. The apartment was clean, tidy and modern making our stay very comfortable, the location was also perfect being 5 minutes walk to the important landmarks, shops, supermarkets and restaurant/bars.

If you are looking for a little weekend away on a budget then this is the palce to go, our mini holiday totalled to £76 each for the whole weekend which is insane!

Lucy Anna x


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