Too Good To Be True Tuesdays – MILAN


If you know me you will know how much I love going away, i also love searching online to find the best holiday deals possible which recently has become a big hobby of mine. As sad as it sounds I get a good thrill when I find a new holiday for an amazing price. I’m forever getting in trouble at work for searching online for holidays rather than doing my work and my friends/family are always asking me to find them something.

Last year I started a new ‘mission’, every 8 weeks or so I would visit a new European city on a weekend for under £100!! Most people won’t believe this is possible but you will be amazed with what you can book for such little money. Just because something is cheap doesn’t necessarily mean its rubbish which is what I think most people tend to think, if you research properly you will find yourself some great deals.
I have decided that each Tuesday I will share a deal that I have found including flight and hotel anywhere in Europe for under that £100!

Week one ‘Too good to be true Tuesday’ is too:

And Even better it’s for Christmas markets..
This is something I was actually looking at for myself and I have indeed booked! All searches are from London as that’s where I live but if you play around with the search you will also see similar deals from other locations. Personally I book over a weekend usually from a Friday night – Sunday night or latest returning early Monday morning (I am limited to holiday at work and I try to save as much as I can for bigger holidays) but if you are flexible with dates, again you can play around with the search and adjust the dates slightly.

The dates I have attached is for Friday 1st December leaving around 6pm and returning early morning on Monday 4th. I always widen my search on sky scanner for a whole month to show best prices and when you see the price with ryan air you will be amazed that a return flight is only £30!! What is £30? I’m sure most of you spend that on a top for a night out or a meal out to dinner.

When I go away i prefer to stay in an air BNB, for me its more comfortable and I like having my own space, if you’re also trying to keep these trips on a budget you have the option to cook yourself rather than eating out constantly which obviously helps save up the £££ for the next trip.

Below i have attached a couple of air BNB’s and a hotel so there is something for everyone, each of them are within easy reach to all main attractions, public transport, shops and restaurants so you shouldn’t have any problems getting around. Again if the dates i have entered don’t suit you can easily amend these 🙂

Air Bnb for 2/3 people – £63pp
Hotel Da Vinci for 2 people – £62 pp
Best Western Blaise & Francis for 2 people – £65pp

If you want to save on your next air bnb book through here:

If you want to save on your next booking:

Let me know if you do decide to book or if you find any great deals yourself i would love to hear them below.

Lucy Anna x

9 thoughts on “Too Good To Be True Tuesdays – MILAN

  1. I love reading about budget traveling. I’m so jealous that you’re able to even blog about traveling to different European cities every month! I’m over here in the US and would love to be able to do that.


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