My Bucketlist Goals

– Kayak through caves
– Watch the sunset in Oia, Santorini ✓
– Go to Coachella
– Visit Niagara Falls
– See the Pyramids in Egypt
– Swim with Dolphins
– Go Skiing
– Visit Paris and see the Eifel tower
– Skydive
– Visit ‘The Beach’, Maya Bay, Thailand ✓
– Go Zorbing
– Bathe an Elephant
– Go on a Safari ✓

– Sleep in a yurt ✓
– Whale watching
– Go on a cruise
– Fly in a hot air balloon
– Wine tasting at a vineyard ✓
– Stay on a yacht
– Visit the grand canyon
– Sleep in an igloo
– Visit the Taj Mahal ✓
– Have a campfire on the beach
– Go on a camping tour in South Africa ✓
– Ride a gondola in Venice
– Stay at Marina Bay sands in Singapore
– Go on a road trip ✓
– Attend Kaljakellunta in Finland
– Fly Business class ✓
– Hike up Trolltunga in Norway
– Stay in a treehouse
– Visit Christmas markets in Milan
– Visit the leaning tower in Pisa
– Throw a dart at a map and travel to wherever it lands
– Stay in a waterhut in Maldives
– Visit all 7 continents
– Shark cage diving
– Swim/Stand under a waterfall
– Visit the Blue Lagoon in Iceland ✓
– See Stomp in Theatre ✓
– Party the night away in Dublin
– Go to the top of the empire state building ✓
– Drink from a coconut ✓
– Visit Disneyland ✓
– Visit skygarden in London
– Visit The cave bath of Miskolctapolca
– Escape one of the escape room games
– Go to Oktoberfest
– Gamble some money at a casino
– Do a colour run
– Visit Brazil
– Go on a Antarctica cruise
– Go on a hot air balloon in Cappadocia, Turkey
– Visit tea plantations in Bali
– Stay in a luxury Villa with private pool for a holiday

My List will continue to be added to and i will tick off things as i complete them.

Please comment below and let me know whats on YOUR bucket list and give me some more inspiration 🙂

Lucy Anna x

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