Birthday Weekend in Berlin


From the get go I knew it was going to be a bit of a crazy weekend as I was off away with 6 of my closest girlfriends.

On the Friday evening we flew with Ryan Air to Berlin which takes less than 2 hours. While flying we had one too many drinks and typically just before we landed it happened to be a few minutes past midnight meaning it was officially my birthday! Of course the girls being the crazy loud bunch they are started singing happy birthday at the top of their lungs leading half the plane to get involved (including the pilot over his speakerphone) which was slightly embarrassing and left me completely red-faced lol. When we got out the airport we jumped in a cab and quickly arrived at our apartment (I have attached the apartment we stayed in below). We did arrive quite late so headed to bed ready for a sight seeing day in the morning.

Saturday morning, we woke up and planned to walk along the Berlin wall, visit a few sights including checkpoint charlie and the brandenburg gate, we didn’t realise in January Berlin is FREEZING and it was minus 11!! We had been out for hours and couldn’t feel our toes so quickly headed back to the apartment to get warm before heading out for dinner. Anyone who knows me, knows how much i love a good curry and it just happened to be there was a curry house 2 blocks from our apartment, as it was my birthday of course i chose to go there. The curry house was called MAMA India and if your ever in Berlin and want a good curry, i defiantly recommend to go there! After dinner we headed back to the apartment, had a few drinks and got ready for our evening out. I had a couple of people who recommended club Matrix to us and I’m glad we went with that choice as we all had one of the best nights out! If your looking for a lively club with a good atmosphere and different genres of music including r&b, cheesy and current/house this is the place to go.

We woke up on Sunday slightly late feeling a little fragile and went to get brunch before we had to check out of our apartment and catch our flight home. After eating as much pizza as we could and handing the keys back we took our time heading to the airport, getting on a couple of trams on the way and taking in as much of the city as we could before leaving.

We was only in Berlin for just under 48 hours but it felt so much longer and its surprising at how much you can do in such little time, Berlin is perfect for short weekend breaks and if like me you want to go for a birthday weekend, i promise you will have a blast!

Apartment we stayed in


Lucy Anna x


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